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The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 1: The Foundation
We recently searched the web and found Amanda Brooks link to her first book "The Internet Escort's Handbook 1. The Foundation. We continued our research and was very impressed with the life and times of former escort Amanda Brooks. Learn more about Amanda and you too will admire her candor and her entrepreneurship.
We will keep you updated on Amanda's next book in the series "The Internet Escort's Handbooks."
Amanda said she was always been drawn to the adult industry. During her last year of college, she began cocktailing at a top Dallas gentlemen's club. Six months later, she advanced to stripping, dancing her way around the major clubs in Dallas and Las Vegas.

At 26, still curious, she decided to place an escort ad online just for a weekend. That experiment was a success so she hung up her heels and began building her business as an independent escort.
At 29 Amanda retired as an escort and began work on her books for escorts.
She wrote on her web site ( click here), the idea for her series -- The Internet Escort's Handbook -- was born only a few months after she began escort work. The general lack of reliable information led her to believe a reference about escort work would help others create and maintain a healthy and productive business. They would no longer need to learn the hard way!
The series covers ways to promote and market an independent escort business online as well as methods to maintaining a healthy personal life while escorting. The handbooks have crossover appeal, as more people want to learn the "behind-the scenes" life of a high-end escort told in a bold, frank and approachable manner.

Amanda has since become a popular celebrity and speaker, appearing on shows such as The O'Reilly Factor and CNBC's The Business of High End Prostitution. She is a well-known sex work activist and columnist, contributing to $pread Magazine, Desiree Alliance and SWOP-East
A native Texan, she holds a Bachelor's Degree with a double major in photography and English. She is beginning her travels to other countries to better understand sex work in a variety of cultures and legal status. You can follow her experiences on her personal website.
Amanda Brooks
The Book Site --
Amazon Review: This review is from: The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 1: The Foundation (Perfect Paperback)
I found this book to be a very informative book which I would highly recommend to anyone who is fascinated by this aspect of the adult industry or is seriously considering entering the escort profession.The author covers everything from "is this profession right for you" to medical,emotional and cosmetic issues.Its very well written and broken down piece by piece.I enjoyed it alot!
By Mistress Katrina "Mistress Katrina"
I just got done reading the book a few hours ago, as someone who has been an escort hobbyist for many years it was interesting reading about the other side of the coin. Ms. Brooks is humorously insightful as she explains everything from the differences between a Professional Escort and a call girl. As a hobbyist I have known for years that the stigma of escorts are women who are addicted to drugs or were molested as children is not always the case. The book helps to show that most people in this business are professional and deserve to be treated as such. If you are considering this line of work this book should be the Genesis of an escort Bible. I really look forward to reading the continued editions!
By Holden Caulfield
This is not a sex book. The style is simple and direct. there are lots of very interesting topics. I loved the part about "taking care of physical appearance". This does apply to women in general, not only escort business. The part about protecting yourself from STD is a little paranoiac but since this job is exposed to high risks, it is good to know what the risks are. I would recommend this book for all women and men (even if this is mostly for a women audience), curious about this underground world. It is more about the facts and the technical aspect than about the morality, although the author mentions the psychological part and the fact that it often leads to a double life. This book is intended to be a how to guide, but it can be read for entertainment only as well. I am a married man and I have more respect for these women after reading this book. They are normal women, often educated and running a home business, with all the administrative part of it.
By Lionel PPP "Frenchy 365"
The Internet Escort's Handbook
Have you read The Internet Escort's Handbook? Tell us what you think below, if you have not read it, read it and then tell us what you think below.
Tell us what you think of  Amanda Brooks "The Internet Escort's Handbook"
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